सोमवार, 17 जनवरी 2011

Kalpana to release her latest world music album The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur on the Shakespeare of Bhojpuri Literature from Virgin Records / EMI Music..

A tribute…
by singer Kalpana.

Not many artists can take credit for being change-makers. But Kalpana had courage, the madness and the belief in herself to look beyond traditions and carve a unique niche for herself. In an era where pop and rock music rules, Kalpana tries to relive the country’s long-forgotten treasure of Bhikhari Thakurs Bhojpuri folk music.This Assamese girl is the darling of the North Indian belt and has carved herself a special niche in the Bhojpuri music world credited with reviving and promoting the Bhojpuri music industry all over the world and bringing back traditional forms of music to the International stage. Indian folk music particularly of Northern India & North East has been showcased and revived by Kalpana in a big way. As Kalpana says,I don’t want my folk music to be trapped in our villages. Yes it’s safe there in its original form, but of no use unless we make the world hear our very soulful and meditative music. To make it global I am trying to blend the folk music of my homeland with world music and other genres. Says Kalpana, there is no recorded songs on Bhikhari Thakur till date and this will be the first rare one releasing from Virgin Records/EMI Music. I am approaching the core people who have the pristine treasure of music, wherever they are. Besides focusing on unsung songs or who have a repertoire that is on the verge of extinction. I have also recorded some songs unheard. Recording the album is already having an impact. I am getting calls from all over. This album will give a chance to uncover the unique flavor of Bhikhari Thakur and listen to the unadulterated voice of Kalpana piercing right through to your soul. These songs will literally move you. The tunes create village spaces. Kalpana recently paid tribute to Bhikari Thakur in a Bhojpuri music reality show Sur Sangram 2 on Mahua Tv. She gave a power packed performance singing the Bhikhari Thakur parichay. Says Kalpana,how inspired I am by Bhikhari Thakur's life, how the legend has shaped the future of Bhojpuri music. I want to keep the legend alive. Is folk songs of Bhikhari Thakur finding it hard to survive? She asserts,"Lok sangeet na ghat-ta hai, na badhta hai, barabar chalta hai."Bhikhari Thakur songs are rich in imagery and heavy in Bhojpuri dialect. Truly "studios kill the soul of music." but we are trying to keep it in its raw form. What we require is some technical input, and the ability to afford to keep the folk songs intact, and thereafter portray them with better frames. This album will have drama of rhythms and percussions. Says Kalpana…I felt a greater emotional connection with more acoustic-oriented artists, particularly Bhikhari Thakur. I’m sure the world will listen to our folk songs and appreciate its richness. Kalpana brings the original vibrancy and richness of the Bhikhari Thakur folk forms to the World wide so that people from the world over can experience the originality and richness of Bhojpuri music.The songs gives listeners  space and time of that era. Bhikhari Thakur songs treat life with an experienced simplicity. Kalpana belives…this is an endeavour with a cause. “In an era of pop and rock, we are losing the basic foundation of our culture i.e.  folk”…clarifies Kalpana who conceptualized this idea. Kalpana’s vocal in this album showcase the traditional flavor of Bhikhari Thakur interwoven with her phenomenal sense of tone, her voice throwing command and sparkle of variety of styles is commendable.This new album on Bhikari Thakur  will be a true benchmark in the annals of Bhojpuri Music Industry and will set new standards for Bhojpuri music.This album has something that’s not easily done; introducing a new genre of music to the people and having them accept it without hesitation.She is also planning to do a series of albums on Bhikhari Thakur in the future and keep the legend alive within her, in her own little way. With this album, singer Kalpana will generate a mass interest on Bhojpuri music in a genre like WORLD MUSIC.She specifies, "I am not just trying to preserve his folk forms, but trying to sustaining the legendary artist Bhikhari Thakur."

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