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Kalpana Patowary signs up exclusive with Virgin records/EMI Music India.

The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur - Album Out Now - online

              Virgin Records / EMI Music releases their first Bhojpuri album The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur by Assamese singer & Bhojpuri icon Kalpana Patowary recently.
The album is conceived and inspired by the life and works of one of the most popular and prolific poets of Bhojpuri literature.
              Kalpana brings the original vibrancy and richness of the Bhikari Thakur folk forms to the World wide so that people from the world over can experience the originality and richness of Bhojpuri music. The songs give listeners space and time of that era. Bhikari Thakur songs treat life with an experienced simplicity. Kalpana believes…this is an Endeavour with a cause. “In an era of pop and rock, we are losing the basic foundation of our culture i.e.  Folk”…clarifies Kalpana who conceptualized this idea.
               Says T. Suresh, general manager, Virgin Records / EMI Music group, EMI is happy with their entry into Bhojpuri music with songs of Shakespeare of Bhojpuri literature - Bhikhari Thakur. This album is a perfect combination of the singer Kalpana, and the lyrics of the poet himself. Both the singer & music are by Kalpana Patowary.
              This album features 9 songs. It will be available across all mobile and other digital platforms and all leading Malls, Planet M’s etc.
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