शनिवार, 22 जनवरी 2011

Kalpana - The Legacy Of Bhikhari Thakur.

This new album on Bhikhari Thakur  will be a true benchmark in the annals of Bhojpuri Music Industry and will set new standards for Bhojpuri music.

Among the masses of Bihar and other Bhojpuri-speaking areas, he needs no introduction. But the so-called mainstream ‘culture’, like always, has conspired to keep mum about his contribution, actively avoiding, even mentioning his name and have full stopped him with giving the title of Shakespeare of Bhojpuri literature. Hence, there are no serious documented accounts of his works till now. There are organizations who are also trying to revive HIM. But practically, none could bring out THE ARTISTE from the legend BHIKHARI THAKUR. Now here, I don’t want to take the credit, but yes I think it’s my turn to give something I can as an artiste.I had to research a lot, now it’s been 3 years since. I had visited to many remote areas in Bihar to gather some knowledge about him. Then one fine day in a remote village called Bakhorapur in Ara,Bihar,I was introduced with a very sparkling moment of my life. I went for a cultural show.Before my performance one artiste came and performed. His performance was so rustic, his voice, oh my god-I gulped.He was a very aged person,may be 100 years old,known as a nartak in the original Bhikhari Thakur mandali.I bowed and took ashirvaad from him and a desire took birth to sing The Bhikhari way in its original form.

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