शनिवार, 22 जनवरी 2011

A tribute by singer Kalpana - THE LEGACY OF BHIKHARI THAKUR.

Kalpana says-Bihar is not explored musically.Its always the U.P side the nation knows as Bhojpuri. Even in Bollywood it’s always the U.P folk. But today, if we talk about Bhojpuri music, first we should know about Bhojpur, where it is …?
Three districts ARA, CHHAPRA from BIHAR and BALIA from U.P makes todays BHOJPUR and the boli or language spoken in Bhojpur is actually Bhojpuri.Its a different matter that now even avadhi,banarsi,maghai,angika and even to some extent maithli is also included as a part of Bhojpuri culture as people know it nationally. But the core of Bhopuri boli is actually limited to only Ara, Chhapra and Balia.Anyway,I came back home to Mumbai, again got busy in professional commitments.But that desire was still living inside me.I tried to find BHIKHARI THAKUR on internet, failed, went to Patna searching books about him but in vain.Then after a year, one local Patna artiste came with the ‘Bhikhari rachnawali’ by rashtra bhasha parishad,Bihar.
I was so happy and started studying the book about the inner facts of the whole social, political and spiritual elements of the Bhikhari time zone. But again one challenge raised, where to get the original thekas(rhythm)and original compositions as sung the way Bhikhari Thakur used to. A year later I went to Bakhorapur, met that rustic nartak and requested him to sing for me.
He understood my intentions, agreed and the local villagers helped me to shoot and record the rustic nartak.
This desire to keep the legend alive and to introduce to the world the real Bhojpuri music, Bhikhari Thakur became my PASSION.This passion I am carrying is blissful and…I AM ENLIGHTENED………

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